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IVIGEN introduces new PGS by NGS

17 September, 2015



Next Generation Sequencing is the “digital” sequence-based alternative to analog techniques for DNA analysis. With its exceptional data and scalability, it allows us to study chromosomes at a level never before possible.


NGS provides a new approach to PGS with advantages including:


1) State-of-the-art technology:
More detailed genetic information can be obtained through the complete genome sequencing of embryos.

2) High resolution:
Possibility to detect segmental aneuploidies on embryos (deletions/duplications).
This technique can be applied using the same approach for different indications such as for translocation and, in the future, also for single gene disorders.*

3) High Accuracy rate:
PGS by NGS achieves an accuracy rate of 98%.

4) Improvement in clinical results:
Due to higher dynamic range of NGS technology, increasing the detection capability of mosaicism and segmental abnormalities.*



  • NGS allows a more cost-efficient approach to PGS with frozen embryos.
  • IVIGEN introduces a new pricing strategy for PGS by NGS which will allow all patients to afford and benefit from PGS treatment.