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PGS + ERA Synchrony

Combining IGENOMIX ERA and PGS enables you to choose genetically
normal embryos to transfer into a genetically optimal uterus


ERA test helps to find the right moment for the embryo transfer


Both tests can improve the chances of a healthy pregnancy


PGS testing for a embryo with the correct number of chromosomes


360º genetic testing of the embryo and the uterus

If both the embryo and the endometrium are synchronized, the IVF clinician can transfer the right embryo at the right time.


There are two principal factors to consider to maximize the chances of implantation during an IVF treatment:

  • A chromosomally normal embryo.
  • A receptive endometrium.

Embryo factor: PGS

  • PGS testing analyzes the embryos obtained during an IVF cycle.
  • Determines which embryos have a normal number of chromosomes.
  • Embryos with the correct number of chromosomes have higher chances of implantation.

Endometrial factor: ERA

  • ERA test analyzes the woman’s endometrium, where the embryo is to implant.
  • Only endometrium in a receptive stage will allow implantation.
  • ERA test will determine if the endometrium is receptive or not at the time of sampling, helping the clinician to schedule transfer at the right timing.
PGS+ERA Synchrony

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  • Reduced miscarriage rates.
  • Higher pregnancy rates per transfer.
  • Fewer cycles of IVF treatment needed (less time and money).
  • Greater chance of having a healthy child.
  • Fewer wasted transfers (implantation failure).


  • When performing the embryo transfer in a personalized way, the chances of getting pregnant are increased after the assisted reproduction treatment.
  • ERA improved global pregnancy rate, up to 85%* in the personalized transfers made according to the test results.

*SREI Prize Paper 2016. 0-115 Simón et al. on behalf of the ERA RCT Consortium.

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