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Collaborations and consortia

Scientific Collaborations

  • Terry Hassold, Center for Reproductive Biology, Washington State University, USA
  • Susan Fisher, Department of Cell & Tissue Biology, University of California, San
  • Francisco, USA
  • Thomas D’Hooghe, Universitair Fertiliteitscentrum, UZ Leuven, Holland

SARM Consortium

This consortium is part of the Marie Curie action, through the Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways (IAPP) program. The partnership aims the research of the molecular nature of embryonic development and endometrial maturation.

Apart from IGENOMIX, there are four institutions that take part of the partnership: the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium, the University of Tartu in Estonia and the Competence Centre on Reproductive Medicine of Estonia.

NOTED Consortium

The goal of the project is to develop novel non-invasive tests for reproductive medicine – tests for endometrial receptivity and endometriosis available for end users (clinics and laboratories) all over the world.

To reach the objectives, the partnership includes commercial and academic institutions from three European countries: BioEximi from Estonia, a start-up RTD performing SME working in the field of reproductive medicine. IGENOMIX as renowned reproductive health care providers, Lifesequencing is SME specialized in genomic research.

Competence Centre on Reproductive Medicine and Biology from Estonia is an RTD SME advancing technologies for reproductive medicine. Uppsala University from Sweden represents the academic research institution in reproductive medicine.

MONOCHECK Consortium

MONOCHECK consortium aims the development and validation of a genetic test for reproductive medicine based on deep sequencing techniques. This proposal is made from three experts Valencian companies in their respective areas: programming and integration of databases (Microvalencia Soluciones Informaticas S.L.) reproductive medicine (Iviomics SL) and deep sequencing (Lifesequencing SL).

The Gen-Val Consortium

The Gen-Val Project is a biotechnological consortium made up of four business organisations which combine scientific-technological capacities such as sequencing (Lifesequencing, S.L.), bioinformatics (Biotech Vana, S.L. and Celeromics, S.L.) and genetic diagnoses (Iviomics, S.L. – which is included in the group of researchers at IVI (the Valencian Infertility Institute).

This consortium aims to provide the health sector with a permanent advanced genetic diagnosis and prognosis service that is capable of diagnosing diseases or metabolopathies of a hereditary origin with a view to being able to research into more palliative and personalised treatments of these illnesses.