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Financed projects

FP7 People Programme
: Marie Curie Actions Marie Curie Industry-Academia
Partnerships and Pathways (IAPP), 2013-2016. SARM 324509. Endometrial and
Embryonic Genomics, Searching for Biomarkers in Assisted Reproduction

MINECO, 2013-2016 .PTQ-12-05320. TORRES QUEVEDO Program.

IVACE, 2012-2013. IMIDCB/2012/65. RTD projects in cooperation. MonoCheck: I+D
para el optimo desarrollo de un kit de detección de enfermedades monogénicas en el
área de la medicina reproductiva

EUREKA-EUROSTAR, 2011-2014. CIIP-20112001. Non-invasive Tests for
Endometrial Dysfunction – Novel clinical perspectives for infertility and endometriosis

MICINN, 2011-2014. PTQ-10-02821. TORRES QUEVEDO Program.